In Essence...

  • Our Powder Vegetable Extracts are obtained from natural vegetable juices and purees. Then a modern Spray Dryer technology dries the extract in seconds using hot air. This method helps preserve the natural components of the vegetable, obtaining a very pure concentrated Chlorophyll powder, smooth to the touch, vibrant true color, and identical to the raw vegetable.
  • Adding IEKU GREENS Powder Vegetable EXTRACT to your natural products, enhances their viscosity, texture and nutrient content.
  • Our Active Raw Ingredients can be use to make drinks, food, deserts, ice creams, yogurts, supplements, beauty products. The combination are endless.
  • Keep our powders in a dry a cool place.
  • Recommended Dose 4 grams of powder extract to a 200ml of water.
  • For more information about our process visit our Product page

Here are some Samples of our Pure Powder Vegetable Extract


Is one of the foundations of our food chain and a vital source of vitamins and minerals. Adding this extract into your diet can improve health and energy.


One of broccoli's biggest advantages is its nutrients content. Our extract is loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber.


EKU GREENS superfood celery extract can provide with essential minerals and vital nutrients. It is rich in electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants.


Contains unique and potent compounds that could fight stress and may help to reduce high cholesterol.


This emerald extract is a nutritional powder-house with vitamins, iron, potassium.


Sweet tasty superfood loaded with antioxidants and vitamins.


Our fragrant extract herb, it's an effective antibiotic and anti-fungal and may also help you loose weight and lower cholesterol levels.


A leafy green may contain 3 times the recommended daily intake of vitamin K.


PLEASE CONTACT US to request unique combinations or special orders.

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