• IEKU GREENS process allows us to pilot, test, refine and produce a wide range of products that enhance the flavor and character of food.

  • Our technology is dominant because we know how to preserve the flavors, texture and color of the fruits.

  • We use SPRAY DRYING as our technology to extract our FRUIT EXTRACTS POWDERS and Micro-Grinding process to produce our GRAIN FLOURS.

  • All our raw materials used are carefully selected and evaluated.

  • We use Spray drying as our Technology, the best alternative for extracting essential fruit/vegetable powder because this method not only preserves nutritional values of the products but also empowers them, being ideal to food and beverages, pharmaceutical and/or cosmetics industries.

  • Our TECHNOLOGY is at the heart of our advanced research and development process.

  • Our agile approach allows us to rapidly prototype and test products to distill the exact color and flavor profiles and scale production to deliver great tastes.

SPRAY Dryer Process Consists:


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